About Us

Inside and Out Landscape Design was formed in 1996 with an unwavering passion to improve the beauty and enjoyment of residential gardens. Each project is a unique expression – as we creatively blend the client’s wish list and the architecture of the building into various site conditions.

We have experience working with all garden styles, and our design approach leans toward using simple lines and natural materials to create the ‘hardscape’ and a thoughtful, low maintenance, layering of plant material to help soften the space.

Tara Burns

Tara Burns

Our projects are typically located in northern California, with an emphasis in Napa and Sonoma Valley, the Bay Area and the Peninsula, but include the right projects throughout the United States and abroad.

Tara Burns personally manages the conceptual design, design development and client meetings
for all Inside and Out Landscape Design projects. She has designed and supervised residential, estate, hospitality and resort projects throughout California, Arizona and Alberta.

Tara was raised in the famous rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada and moved to the United States after completing her credentials in ornamental horticulture and landscape design. Her creativity, enthusiasm and broad knowledge of plant material provide the foundation for her designs and consultations.