The neighbors have gushed about it

We actually didn’t know what to expect, but she guided us through it and we were very pleased with the results. We love looking out the window at our perfect back yard. We will have far more BBQ’s and outside dinners with neighbors & friends. The neighbors have gushed about it and even bragged, to the other friends who haven’t seen it regarding the exceptional design.

— D. Rock

My yard is like a beautiful park

My yard is like a beautiful park. The day that I came home from work and saw it with the plants just set where they would go before they were actually planted, I was in tears of joy and anticipation. Tara developed parts of it I never even paid attention to. People routinely stop and admire my front yard.

— D. Mollenhauer

We lucked out…

We lucked out… we have so much space to entertain, relax, run and play – it’s all here. We feel like we have our own private park to retreat to. The neighbors cannot believe the transformation!

— B. Bell

Tara knew how…

Tara knew how to connect my home to the landscape and realized that I wanted a garden built for more than looks alone – one that would allow me to extend my lifestyle outside and get the most out of every bit of land.

— S. Petersen

Her work ethic is outstanding.

Working with Tara on a scale of 1 to 10 – she is an eleven! Her work ethic is outstanding. She knew when to listen and when to give advice.

— L. Coyne

Our questions & concerns were answered

Our experiences with Tara at the beginning of the process through the actual Landscape remodel were all great. Our questions and concerns were all answered and addressed promptly. If all your projects go as smoothly as ours – don’t change anything!

— B. Wheeler

Fresh, Energetic & Creative

As an avid gardener and a professional Interior Designer, I had run out of my own creativity with regard to what to do next on my very old property. Tara came to the project with a fresh, energetic and creative spirit, yet was willing to work collaboratively. She listened to my needs, preferences and requests and developed a multi-stage plan that went beyond my expectations and dreams. I am continuing to enjoy the results from the 1st and 2nd stages and will certainly be calling Tara again when ready to start stages 3 and 4. As a bonus – Tara is great fun to work with!

— Lisa P McD.

An outstanding experience!!

An outstanding experience!! Tara is not only a very skilled landscape designer but a joy to work with. She came on the site with a completely open mind. Listened to what we wanted to accomplish and then with great skill, began to help us develop a complete picture of our landscaping. Her ideas were fresh and not overpowering and did a great job of expanding our concepts. The final design delivered to us in full color and in a way we could easily understand, met our expectations and more. To put it in another way, it was fun to design our home landscaping with Tara’s expert input and coaching. We paid for a designer but got much more – we got a person that sensed our desires and led us to a completion of the project that fits us exactly….

— Earle & Valerie P

I can’t imagine anyone doing better

This has been my one and only experience with a landscape designer, but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. Tara’s vision and expertise in design created a far better yard than I could have ever imagined. She took into consideration our overall ideas about what we wanted (or thought we wanted) and then improved upon them. Tara created a beautiful, well thought out design that we were able to visualize through her outstanding professional blueprints. Having these blueprints created a plan that was easy for the landscapers to read, thus avoiding potentially costly mistakes due to lack of communication or misunderstanding. Further, Tara was easy to get a hold of, returning phone calls promptly and was constantly coming by to assess the progress of the project all the way through to completion. This is also a service I would recommend for the small additional fee she charges. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone wanting to create a serene and beautiful landscape.

— Bill & Vicki B

We love looking out the window!

We love looking out the window at our back yard.

How well did the design meet your needs, desires, aesthetics, etc.?
In all categories very well.

Do you spend more time outside as a result of your new landscape?

If needed, would you use Tara for another landscape design?

— David & Desley R.

Why did you choose Tara?

Why did you choose to work with Tara Burns as your designer?
Very talented background in designing a small area.

Did Tara meet or exceed your expectations?
Yes, I had no idea my backyard could be so inviting.

What comments have you heard from your neighbors?

If needed, would you use Tara for another landscape design?
Without a doubt.

— Lois G.

When I met Tara I felt an instant rapport and liked her very much.

When we got together, she was very professional and knew her stuff and was lots of fun to work with. My vision was somewhat limited and Tara helped me to see the other possibilities. The design fits perfectly with what I wanted to accomplish. My street neighbors all give it the thumbs up.

— Vicki B.

Why choose Tara?

Her knowledge and experience in the industry, her willingness to work with what we had, and her very positive can-do nature. Our vision is reflected but enhanced by Tara’s experience and creativity in her field.

— Lisa & Tim M.

Tara carefully and patiently listened

Tara carefully and patiently listened to our array of ideas and then presented us with a wonderful plan incorporating our needs that hit the mark and was outstanding from the start without any need of changes.

— N. Knight

Very personalized service

Very personalized service. She did exactly what we wanted and perfected it. The result is better than what we imagined. Our vision was captured and enhanced.

— N. Tanti